Thursday 6/18/15

Welcome to a special Thursday edition of the Playboy Morning Show, now with 10% more Vitamin T!

Our fun little show got itself started this morning with a little discussion about Butt Selfies, of course. It’s an important part of any balanced Instagram account, and we observed some of our models in their natural habitats getting their daily dose.

While we were on the topic of selfies, our next guest Lara Cole, is a bona fide expert. She’s the host of PlayboyTV’s “Private Selfies,” which premieres tonight at 9pm ET/PT. Her show gets submissions from tons of prospective girls, and they pick the very best to give their phones or laptops a personal show. No directors, no cameramen, no clothing! That’s the recipe for success.

We then rolled into one more of our Summertime Just the Tips, which serve to help get you in the mood for summer. As if the horrible nightmare memories that were last winter weren’t enough.

Our first guest on the show, Erica Spiegelman, is an addiction specialist and counselor whose new book “Rewired: A Bold New Approach to Addiction and Recovery” is out now! Erica also chatted with us about the current state of “hook-up culture” and how our phones and social media are forcing people on the dating scene to drift apart, and have less success. We KNEW it wasn’t just us!


As a surprise to Dan, we brought in our models and had a short Skin-tervention with him, to talk about his addiction to nudity. Our models read some tearful letters and convinced Dan to try a stint in nudity rehab at Homely Acres. Let the healing begin.

061815_04 061815_05

After a quick two-minute break, Dan had already relapsed into his nudity problem, and probably is beyond help. Maybe we shouldn’t have had our models be topless when they read their letters….

We then welcomed in our second guest of the hour, “Bar Rescue”‘s Jon Taffer! Jon’s a veteran of our show, and we always love to hear his crazy stories about how he takes the worst bars in America and turns them on the path to righteousness. If you ever need a good talking-to, look no further than Jon. He’s a pro.

061815_02 061815_01

To close out the show, our models came in to play Know It or Show It, the longest-running naked game show in radio and TV history. Our trivia for this round was based on bars, LA rock bands, and mixology. Despite all this, our girls still ended up naked at the end of the show. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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