Monday 6/22/15

Happy Monday, to all you out there in TV-land. We here at the Playboy Morning Show bid you good day.

This particular show began with a quick fashion show, featuring all the hottest new styles in sunscreen to keep you from peeling this summer. Our ladies stylishly modeled the latest trends, and even gave us a lather tutorial. Wax on, whack off.

After that, we brought in Alki David, billionaire entrepreneur and owner of Hologram USA, the same hologram company that brought Tupac to Coachella a few years ago, and hopes to bring hologram technology to the forefront of modern culture. If you didn’t think we lived in the future before, what say you now? Be sure to check out Alki’s documentary about his TV station and crazy billionaire life in the film “Lord of the Freaks,” which is having a red/brown carpet event at the Egyptian theater in LA at the end of the month. Just stay out of the splash zone.

062215_01 062215_08

While Alki was with us, we decided to show off some of our own Hologram Hotties! Our hologram machine brought back Marilyn Monroe, Joan of Arc, Betsy Ross, and Dan’s failed Prom date from high school. Turns out, even though they’re holograms, they still have free will…. We’ll have to work on that.

062215_03 062215_04 062215_05 062215_06

We took a short break and then came back with another Summertime Just the Tip for you and your hot, sweaty, sticky friends to enjoy.

We then brought in Briana Ashley, our June Cyber Girl of the Month, to talk about her shoots, and what she’s got planned for next in her career. She even got to make a plea to Hef to see if she couldn’t even get a shot at Playmate. Best of luck, Briana, and if Hef sees what we see, we think you’ve got a good shot.

We then checked out an infomercial video that Briana was part of, along with some of our other models, purporting the benefits of Playboy Boobs. The video starred none other than Raekwon the Chef of the Wu Tang Clan, and if you can’t believe him, then you won’t believe anyone. Check out the video on our Youtube channel!

To close out the show, we played a racing game called the I-Tit-A-Rod, in honor of Briana’s snowy Alaskan past. Our girls split into teams of two and took to the hallway to complete our back-and-forth course to outrace, outwit, and out-sexy the others. Some spills did occur, but when you’re out on the harsh Alaskan planes, that’s only to be expected.

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