Tuesday 6/23/15

It’s the Playboy Morning Show, where titty twisters are punishable by death.

We started the show by using some clay to mold our models’ versions of the “perfect vagina,” (or, as Andrea pointed out, more accurately the “perfect vulva”). We called this segment Kitty Putty, and it’s a direct descendant of our clay dick game, Dil-doh. However, if you ever seen genitalia these colors, just run.


After that, we checked out another Summertime Just the Tip and then flew right into some Tough Love, with the toughest lover around, Dan. We read questions from you guys, and our models and Andrea rattled off some level-headed advice before Dan took the reins and made those questions his bitch. If you want your question read on the show, and then beaten into submission, hit us up at morningshow@playboy.com!

We then rolled into a game we’re calling Thrust or Bust, featuring the wonderful Thruster toy from Adam & Eve. Our girls demonstrated some of the different vibration settings and thrusting capabilities before then doing their best to find our “G” spots hidden throughout the room before scooping up that big “O”. Check out adamandeve.com for this toy and more fantastic ways to get all your letters going.

After a short break, we welcomed in Dr. Ashkan Ghamavi, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon who specializes in a new form of breast augmentation that cuts recovery time down to just 24 hours. He doesn’t even suggest taking pain killers or staying in the house! We wish all surgery could be so easy (and so sexy). But since seeing is believing, we brought in Jodi, a patient of Dr. Ghamavi’s who went from a size C to a DD and you know Andrea just had to have a feel. We’ll take her word for it that it’s the best boob job she’s ever felt (and that’s saying something).

062315_03 062315_04 062315_05

To close out the show, we played a Battle of the Butts, where our girls’ derrieres were categorized by Dr. Ghamavi, who is an expert in butt types as well. Once they all learned more about their backsides, we had them test their acoustic ability, flattening ability, and jiggling ability. We’ll just call this an Ass-titude test.


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