Wednesday 6/24/15

Welcome to another Wild Wednesday here in the Mini Mansion, helping you get over the work-week hump since two thousand and something.


We started today with some new information from our Research and Development Department (or R and Double-D for short) concerning clothing with bottle openers built into them. Our ladies modeled some of the latest lingerie technology, making sure that you’re never too un-dressed for a nice, cool brew-ski. Bottoms up!

Then, we brought in our guest for the show, the extremely funny Margaret Cho. She showed off her tattoos and expounded on how painful some of them were (enough that she couldn’t finish), and talked about her upcoming special “There’s No ‘I’ in Team, but There is a ‘Cho’ in Psycho.” With a title like that, you know it’s gonna be good.

062415_01 062415_04 062415_03

While Ms. Cho was on our couch, we got her opinion on some sexual practices, in our Hell Cho or Hell No game. Our models also threw down some personal preferences, with Hell Cho meaning yes please, and Hell No meaning exactly that. It’s always interesting to hear the likes and dislikes of our models, and even more interesting to hear their explanations.

After a short break, we came back to mourn the death of the inventor of the pink flamingo lawn ornament by playing a game called Ornie or Horny, where Dan and Andrea see pics of zoomed-in nudity or lawn ornaments, and have to guess what they think each is. The name is a bit of a stretch, but c’mon, cut us some slack.

To close out the show, we took a summer trip to Camp Playboy, where our models sat around the fire, and played classic camping games like Never Have I Ever, Wheelbarrow Race, and… Pie Eating Contest? We wanna go to THAT camp!


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