Thursday 6/25/15

It’s the Playboy Morning Show, you know the drill, let’s get to the pictures.

Our lovely show started off this morning with a closer look at some people in life that we wished we could use body doubles for. Plumbers crack looks a lot better when it’s part of a hot chick’s body than some guy named Stan.

062515_08 062515_09

We then chatted it up with Mr. Skin, who talked about Lena Headey’s “Game of Thrones” body double in the last episode of this season. It’ll be a long, hot summer without any sweet “GOT” nudity, but hey, Winter is Coming.

Our first guest of the hour was none other than Travis Van Winkle, star of the TNT show “The Last Ship,” (which has the full cooperation of the US Navy, so that’s pretty neat), and the film “Last Call.” Since both of his latest projects have the word ‘last’ in them, we played a game called Playboy’s Last Call with our models, as they tried to get Travis to convince him to go home with them once the bar lights go on. Not an easy choice.

062515_07 062515_03 062515_05 062515_10 062515_11 062515_12 062515_13

After a short break, we came back with our next guests, Miles and Ryan from the band Slightly Stoopid. Their new album, “Meanwhile… Back at the Lab” is out June 30th, so be sure to give that a listen with your ear parts. They talked about life on the road and their journey to get to where they are today (musically, not like, literally on the streets).


We split the guys up and had them each command a team of models in our Playboy Feud game. Don’t worry, it’s just a Playboy feud, not a band feud. We don’t have enough money to cover the destroyed hotel room.

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