Monday 7/6/15

If you’re still nursing some hangover fireworks inside your skull from the American festivities this weekend, fear not! Nothing in this country would have ever gotten accomplished without some hair of the dog.

We started the Playboy Morning Show off this week with a quick survey called Rate the Trait. Our models came in and ranked traits they’d like in a mate from 1-10. Confidence, surprisingly topped off the list, with a nice car coming in dead last. And just after I drove my Ferrari off the lot!


Next up, we welcomed in Samantha Acosta, former escort and star of Showtime’s “3AM,” which airs Thursdays at 11pm (don’t get those times switched around). We learned how she went from college graduate to night walker, and about how being on the show is helping her photography and writing careers. You know what they say, when God shuts a door, he opens a back-alley-adjacent window.

070615_01 070615_02 070615_05

We played a game called Es-court with Samantha, where she helped judge a debate between Miranda and Amber, while Evey dressed as Justice watched on. Well, not watched, but… well, you get it.

After a short break, we brought in Jeff Kurr, legendary natural history¬†photographer and shark expert, just in time for Shark Week on The Discovery Channel. Jeff brought in a real shark’s tooth and told us the story of the time he fell onto a 14-foot Great White. Basically, if you met this guy in a bar, you would sleep with him.

070615_03 070615_07

To close out the show, we brought in some products for Jeff to look at in our Shark-er Image segment. Sharks only attack people in misunderstandings, and these products are geared toward helping humans and sharks interact in a friendlier manner. Because technology makes everything better.



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