Thursday 7/9/15

Hello to you and yours from our and ours. It’s the Playboy Morning Show.

We started the show off with a chat with our old pal Mr. Skin, who once again brought us the weekly wrap-up of celebrity nudity, including La La Anthony on “Power,” who’s basketball player Carmello Anthony’s real-life wife. Good for you, Carmello.

Next, we brought in singer Katja Glieson, whose new song “Look at Us” is up on YouTube now. She’s Australian, and working on a new album that’s due out in America soon. She let us in on why she calls her fans “secret agents” and what it takes to get over being bullied growing up in order to achieve your dreams in adulthood. Somebody buy the movie rights to this, stat!


While Katja (it’s pronounced kaht-ya) was in studio with us, we played some Stare-o-Scope (since she’s a big player on new media outlet Periscope). We saw close-up shots of either women’s bodies or famous Australian landmarks and had to guess which one was which. It’s a g’day down under, mate!


We took a quick break and then welcomed in Kevin Durand, actor from FX’s “The Strain” and new film “Dark Was the Night.” Just don’t confuse him for basketballer Kevin Durant, even though he’s 6’6”. Kevin talked to us about growing up in Canada and how he entered a comedy contest at the local mall when he was a kid. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: it takes a good sense of humor to really understand the horror genre, and Kevin’s just the man for the job.


070915_03 070915_04

To close out the show we played some Sexterminators: Bat the Rat in Kevin’s honor. Dan and Andrea watched on as our girls beat down some pesky pests as they popped out of their mouse holes. Believe it or not, there’s no innuendo in that last sentence. Or that one. Or this one.


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