Monday 7/13/15

Welcome to a fresh-as-hell Monday here in the Mini Mansion, picked straight off the vine.

Things got underway here with a little Selfie PSA, courtesy of our friends over in Russia. Apparently, people are killing themselves trying to get the perfect pictures, and the government has gone so far as to put up signs warning people to not snap photos in dangerous areas. Well, we have our own set of rules here at Playboy, but they mainly concern how much cleavage you show. But that’s just as life and death as anything.

We then brought in Josh Todd, lead singer of rock group Buckcherry, whose new album “Rock ‘n’ Roll” drops August 21st. Josh talked with us about his obsession with true crime stories, and about the craziest things he’s seen go down at a Buckcherry show. If you had to choose between being a big rock star, or working with us here at Playboy, we can bet it’d be a tough call.

071315_04 071315_07

While Josh was in the studio, we utilized his knowledge of tattoos (he’s got more than a few) to play Lady and the Tramp Stamp. Our models came into the studio in robes and were asked questions about their personal lives in order to see if we could guess which ones had lower back tattoos and which ones did not. It’s funny how the answers dictate tattoo preference, but as Andrea showed, it can be done to great effect. Nothing wrong with a little ink.


We took a short break and then welcomed in Kayla Rae Reid, our Miss July for 2015. This stunning blonde has to be seen to be believed, and we’re glad she dropped by. You know, to prove her existence and all that. We’re honored to be her first interview since becoming a Playmate after being discovered on Instagram. Now when your mom tells you those hand-bra selfies won’t get you anywhere in life, you can tell her this story.

071315_01 071315_02 071315_03

To close out the show, we ran Kayla through our Playmate Pick Six, which no Playmate has ever successfully completed before. With a little help from Miss Miranda and her lovely purple post-it notes, Kayla breezed through our questions and made Morning Show history. And that’s all she wrote.


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