Tuesday 7/14/15

It’s the Playboy Morning Show, time to git-‘er-dun!

Our little show got goin’ this mornin’ with some Raw Data, straight from the magazine. As Dan was finding it hard to pay attention, our ladies sex’d up the info with a trampoline, a fan, and some suntan lotion. It really didn’t help, as Dan didn’t retain any of the facts, but did retain some memories of the nudity we witnessed. Well, easy come, easy go.

After that, we brought in Ryan Malaty and Brittany Baldi, two stars of MTV’s “Are You The One?” and hosts of AfterBuzzTV. These bubbly stars showed off what makes them so charming, and talked about what they did with their share of the million dollars that they won on the MTV reality show. They spent it a bit more smartishly than we would have, but we’re dumb enough to use the word “smartishly.”

071415_01 071415_02 071415_03

While Ryan and Brittany were hanging out, we played a different sort of matching game, called Mammory. Our girls helped them turn the signs around, and act out the positions that got matched up. Again, not so helpful with memory, but very helpful with seeing naked boobs.

After a short break, we brought in Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles from the show “The Trailer Park Boys.” Season 9 of the show is currently on Netflix, and they just wrapped shooting season 10. We felt very lucky to get the guys out of Sunnyvale and into the Mini Mansion to talk about their past, their future, and all the weed in between. Check them out as they tour Europe and then North America later this year.

To close out the show, we played a very special Trailer Park edition of Name That Alleged Perv. All of the alleged pervs in this version of the game had something to do with trailer parks or trailer park culture, which basically means it was a normal round of Name That Alleged Perv. Don’t ever change, trailer folk… we need you.

071415_04 071415_05 071415_06


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