Wednesday 7/15/15

It’s Wedgie Wednesday! Grab life by waistband and give it a good yank.

Our show got started today with a Hot Girl Focus Group, which found our ladies talking about the types of porn they enjoy, and what that says about their personal lives. The topic quickly turned to choking, and it was hard to steer it back to our intended subject matter. Hey, that’s just part of philosophical discourse, man, you gotta go with the flow.

Next up, we checked out a Wedgie Wednesday video you can see on our Instagram page at @pb_morningshow. Is that “@” redundant? We’re not sure.

We then welcomed in our first guest of the hour, Eric Edelstein, fresh off his role as “guy who gets eaten by a dinosaur” in the wildly popular new “Jurassic World” film. If getting eaten is what it takes to get on the set of one of those movies, we’d be first in line. Dan and Eric also reminisced about their days in college together, and played a Morning Show-spun take on an old classic college game: cornhole! Except, we’re calling it by the much sexier name Blur-tastic Girls. Each good toss revealed more of our models, and Eric proved that he’s the ringer in this game, sinking five in a row! Some people are just gifted.

071515_04 071515_05 071515_06 071515_07

After a quick break, we brought in our second guest, Hal Sparks, comedian and all-around good dude. He chatted with us about his start in the stand-up world, and his connection to the Power Rangers (through the production company, but STILL!). Hal’s somebody who we wouldn’t be surprised to learn they were secretly a Power Ranger. To close out the show, our models came in and showed off their HAL-ter Tops, that they had cobbled together from a random assortment of materials in our hallway. Check for these looks on the runways in Paris at the next big fashion show (probably).

071515_08 071515_10 071515_03 071515_02

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