Monday 7/20/15

Welcome to the start of a fresh four-pack of Playboy Morning Shows, take one every morning before (or during) work!

Our show got started this morning by asking our ladies a simple thing: build the perfect man, right here in front of us, in a matter of minutes. No sweat, right? In our Ladies’ Man game, our models picked different physical traits off the wall in order to build a Frankenstein-esque amalgamation of true beauty. It actually looks more like a police composite, but nobody said pretty boy here had a clean rap sheet.

Next, we brought in Kristina Karo, viral video star of her own music video titled “Give Me Green Card.” She’s from the Ukraine and is desperately trying to do anything and everything to get her US citizenship, even hitting on Dan. Scandalous. Although, Dan may not have helped his case when he got up and learned the dance from her video.

While she was in studio, we wanted to help her out as much as possible, mainly by having our models play suck and blow on an actual green card to get it across the room to Kristina. Everyone knows that the Immigration Office has you jump through a lot of hoops, but our girls prefer to crawl.

We took a break and then brought in Ryan Holiday, marketing guru and author of the books “The Obstacle is the Way,” and “Trust Me, I’m Lying.” You’ve probably seen some of Ryan’s provocative American Apparel ads around (especially if you live in LA), and can definitely benefit from the techniques laid out in his book. That is, if you want to get your life together. Eating Cheetos naked in the dark just works for some people.

To close out the show, we tested Ryan’s ability to tell when OTHER people are lying, in our game Truth or Bare. We heard some true-life stories from our models and guessed who the story happened to, while they all tried to mislead. Sometimes, it takes a wiley liar to spot another one out in the wild.072215_01 072215_02 072215_03 072215_04 072215_05 072215_06 072215_07 072215_08 072215_09 072215_10


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