Thursday 7/16/15

It’s the Playboy Morning Show, straight from the land of dreams and sexy ghosts.

The first thing on the docket this morning with a segment called Show Me What That Food Do, where our models came into the studio with some tasks that could only be completed with their feet. Stacking blocks, pouring drinks, and playing piano were all undertaken and completed, proving that our girls are talented from head to toe.

We then talked on the phone with Mr. Skin, and took a look at some pictures of fresh-off-the-tubes celebrity nudity, including a nude-comer from HBO’s “7 Days in Hell.” Be sure to hit up Mr. Skin’s website to see that and more (including the freshly-crowned Miss USA).

Next up, in honor of drug lord El Chapo’s escape from a Mexican prison, our girls escaped through our prison-tunnel obstacle course in a race against time and the law. Some made it through the tunnel better than others, meaning that some of the models totally broke the tunnel. Good thing it wasn’t real, or they woulda gotten caved in.

We took a quick break and then welcomed in Ian Ziering, star of the new SyFy TV movie “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” which comes out July 22nd. If the “Sharknado” films have taught us anything, it’s that when you’ve got a hit, you run with it until your legs give out. Sharks and Tornadoes are just a winning combination, you know?

To close out the show, we played another round of the longest-running naked game show in TV and radio history: Know It or Show It. The trivia today was based around Ian, featuring reality show questions, Beverly Hills questions, and cult movie questions. Know It or Show It is our hit, and we’re on a hit streak.


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