Tuesday 7/21/15

072115_01 072115_02 072115_03 072115_04 072115_05 072115_06 072115_07 072115_08 072115_09 072115_10 072115_11It’s the most titular part of you day, the Playboy Morning Show!

Our show started today with a Hot Girl Focus Group hot button issue: When Is It Cheating? Is fantasizing about someone else cheating? Should you tell the other person? Where’s the line? Our girls enlightened each other and hopefully you, but don’t forget to talk to your significant other(s) yourself. This PSA has been brought you by Honest Craig’s Marriage Licenses! Come on down to Craig’s and get hitched without a hitch.

Next, Andrea and Dan ran through some sex practices from far-away places that may seem weird to us, but make complete sense to the native populations. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that our way of doing it isn’t the only way, and we could learn a thing or two from our fellow humans. This PSA has been brought to you by Honest Craig’s Travel Agency! Come on down to Craig’s and take a vacation without taking a new mortgage on your house.

After we checked out which beer brand was most popular in each state, our girls came in to bounce some balls off each other’s butts in a game of Rear Pong. Only in this version, each cup comes with a state written on it that corresponds to a sexual position popular there. Wanna spoon? Maine’s the place to go. Wanna ride cowboy? Texas, of course. Wanna go missionary? Utah, probably.

We took a quick break and then brought in our guests for today, and no, you’re not seeing double… unless you are. Then you should see a doctor. But! Either way, our awesome guests for today were Adam and Cory Zinker, twins from the new VH1 show “Twinning,” which premieres tomorrow night. These two ex-footballers seem like they have what it takes to bring home the oddly specific $222,222.22 cash prize. To close out the show, our girls did their best twin impression (or twin-pression, if you wish) by pretending to be mirrors of each other as our twin guests judged. As if doing a sexy striptease wasn’t hard enough, now you have to be in sync with somebody else. Sure is fun to watch, though.

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