Wednesday 7/22/15

072215_01 072215_02 072215_03 072215_04 072215_05 072215_06 072215_07Happy Wednesday, Morning Show faithful, we had a wacky one today. Let’s check it out.

We started the shenanigans today with some Profit-Ability, a game that prepares our girls for financial success in the modern world through the different sexual exercises that ensure they’ll make more money in the future. If that doesn’t make sense, then maybe you haven’t heard about the study that says the number of times you have sex per week is directly tied to how much money you make. Maybe we should have mentioned that earlier.

We then checked out our newest Wedgie Wednesday opus, in honor of the new “Sharknado” film. And our production value is just as good as the film’s.

Next up, we talked Japanese game shows, those things you watch on Youtube and can’t believe are real. But they’re very real, and very strange, so we decided to take those existing ingredients and add in our own dash of sexiness, creating Blew Balls in our studio. The game features girls on their knees blowing balls into different goals, all while in weird wigs and headdresses. At the end, the winning team walked away with a crocodile, because why not.

After a quick break, we brought in our first guest of the day, Camille Balsamo from the TV show “Murder in the First,” Mondays at 10/9C on TNT. She plays the forensic analyst who has a huge crush on her female co-worker, and we have to say that we approve of that for multiple reasons. She’s also in a new movie that she helped Kickstart, called “Harbinger Down,” and it co-stars our next guest…

Legendary actor Lance Henriksen! “Harbinger Down” comes out on August 7th and deserves your attention, even if you didn’t give to the Kickstarter campaign. I mean, now’s the time to remedy your mistake. Don’t pass it up.

To close out the show, we played Scream Queens, in honor of the sci-fi/horror film that our guests are in to promote. Turns out, our girls may be the next stars of the screen, as long as they’re cool with dying in their debut films. Seems like they’d be good at it.


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