Wednesday 7/29/15

Brrap brrap brrap! Pon’ da floor for da Playboy Morning Show, boii!

Today’s show began with a discussion about a Darth Vader made entirely of sex toys, as built by a porn star. That’s one Empire we wouldn’t mind joining. We checked out if our models could utilize their own creativity to create mini action figures out of some of our Naughty Rabbit vibrators we had lying around our studio. Careful: these are a choking hazard.

Next, we brought in our first guest of the hour, Elaine Hendrix, star of FX’s new show “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll,” which airs Thursdays at 10. Any show that utilizes so many ampersands is alright in our book, and it looks like it’s gonna make sweet ratings music for years to come, so hop on board with season 1 and then you can feel like a trend-setter. Elaine is also an animal lover, and if you love animals too, be sure to look up her “CAT-baret” event and see if you can help out. Because who doesn’t love pussy, right?

While Elaine was with us, we put our girls through our very own rock ‘n roll boot camp, first making them select their clothes in a hungover haze, then going on stage to show off some microphone and guitar-rocking skills. Don’t try these at home, our models are professionals.

We took a quick break and then welcomed in Michael Rosenbaum, star of the new TVLand show “Impastor,” which just had its series premiere earlier this month, and you can catch Wednesdays at 10:30. Michael talked about the edginess of his new show, and was even kind enough to make Andrea’s morning by doing his spot-on Keanu Reeves impression. Whoa.

To close out the show, we pitted Michael against our model angels and devil, in a game of Spread Your Wings. Michael threw bean bags into the cornhole as Devil Ashley tried to thwart his attempts to get our angels purely naked. Well, not including the wings and halo.

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