Thursday 7/30/15

There’s still some juice left in our tank, it’s Thursday on the Playboy Morning Show!

We’re gonna jump right into it, which is appropriate, considering our first game today is called Beat Around the Bush. Our models came in and applied post-its to themselves closer or further away from their “bush” based on how much they enjoy that form of direct behavior. That’s called “getting to the point”.

Next up was our weekly phone call with Mr. Skin, who talked about nudity on the STARZ show “Power” and the original National Lampoon “Vacation” film. So basically, he’s covering his generational bases. That’s what Mr. Skin does, he brings people together.

After that, we checked out some stories from around the country and decided if they were Good Naked or Bad Naked. We even reenacted a story about a girl who crashed her car and streaked during a baseball game, all while under the influence of LSD. Talk about a bad trip.

We took a quick break and then brought in none other than (a) Tom Cruise (impersonator)! “Tom” talked about his new “Mission Impossible” movie, and about how he gets his power from scientology. In actuality, our guest is named Evan Ferrante, and he’s been making his living pretending to be one of the biggest movie stars ever for years now. Check out his Youtube channel for hilarious videos, and see for yourself how spot-in this impression really is. Woo!

To close out our show, we played a quick game of Position Impossible, where our girls drew titles of Tom Cruise movies out of a bowl and tried their best to invent a sex position on the fly. It’s a test of creativity, ingenuity, and flexibility!

Check out a clip of our interview with “Tom” here!

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