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Monday 8/31/15

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Monday is fun day here in the Mini Mansion… same as every day.

We started off the show today with an extra special delivery, by way of the United Playboy Service. It’ll be tough to compete with Amazon, especially with our models/shipping coordinators giving you something other than what you ordered. We’re still working out the logistics.

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Then it was time to check our Fe-Mail, reading letters, e-mails, and postcards sent to us by people like you! It’s your time to shine and be a big part of the show, so make sure you run your questions and comments through a spell check next time.

After that, we got Hot or Cold, as our models moved along a giant thermometer, based on whether they thought a certain scenario was a turn-on or a turn-off. It’s the only time running a fever is the goal.

08_31_2015_05 08_31_2015_06

We took a short break and then came back to welcome in our guest Jenelle Evans, star of MTV’s “Teen Mom,” which airs Thursdays at 10/9C. We talked to Jenelle about her new workout routine, what to expect on the new season of the show, and her current dating situation. To see if our girls could put up with the life of a reality star, we put them through a bevy of tests, including punching their way through the paparazzi, shuttin’ down the haters, and posing for the cover of your book. These ladies put the “real” in reality show.

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Thursday 8/27/15

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Sometimes less is more… like with clothing!

Our own Playboy Morning Show started its engine today with a tank full of fantasy football. We’re sure many of you are fired up about your team and are roster-bating as we speak, so we had our own Playboy Fantasy Picks, featuring our beautiful models. Dan and Andrea split our foursome into two teams and had them compete in football-related activities like the pantie field goal, cleavage catch, and naked touchdown dance. You know, regular football stuff.

08_27_2015_06 08_27_2015_07

After that, we had Mr. Skin drop us a line to talk about celebrity nudity, and we got sidetracked in a lengthy discussion about the movie “Showgirls.” These things happen.

Next up, we featured some products from Ask the Doc, specifically their GoodHead Fundamentals Kit. Our models came in to talk about the art of the blowjob and the trials and tribulations therein. Get it for your significant other and see if they get the hint.

08_27_2015_08 08_27_2015_09 08_27_2015_10 08_27_2015_11 08_27_2015_12

We took a break for two minutes and came back to welcome in rapper Ace Hood, whose new single “I Know How It Feel” (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) is out now on iTunes. We talked to Ace about the new sound on his latest track and about how shifting loyalties and goals can make you leave a record label. We know that feel.

08_27_2015_04 08_27_2015_22 08_27_2015_25

In honor of Ace’s new song, we played a game where our girls had to describe some random props while blindfolded. In the Mini Mansion, sometimes your dirty mind gets the better of you, as we saw them talk about innocuous things in a sensual way. The good thing about blindfolds is that they can’t see, but we sure can.

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Wednesday 8/26/15

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Welcome to the Playboy Morning Show, where your dreams come true, and never too fast.

We started our show today raw…. with some Raw Data! We heard some statistics that were featured in our magazine, and imprinted them on our minds with some helpful nudity. It’s the learning aid that you definitely WILL get hooked on.

Next, we debuted our latest #WedgieWednesday opus, this time featuring some sexy zombies… Brains, indeed.

After that it was time to test out a brand-new game on the show, as we had models Drew, Rayshell, Evey, and Janel try to balance their sex life (a balloon) as they made their way through the perils of a relationship: maintaining your interests while also getting some action. Relationships are all about give and take, so don’t be afraid to take a break and go bowling every once in a while, you know?

One of our favorite games here is Name That Alleged Perv, and whenever some pervs fall into our laps, we love to try and guess who’s who. I guess if you don’t know how this game works, you must be very confused. Anyway, our pervs were all ladies today, and these wily women through everyone for a loop, leaving no one with a perfect score. Tough nuts to crack, this bunch o’ bananas. Damn, now I’m hungry.

We took a quick break and then played a game called Andrea Exposed, which is a game testing Dan’s knowledge of Andrea of course! Why, what did you think the game was going to be about?

To close out the show, we had our girls play some Skin to Win, where they expose a body part as the answer to a trivia question. Who woulda guessed that jugs would throw everyone off? Not us.

Tuesday 8/25/15

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Hey, you like words?! ‘Cuz here comes a bunch of ’em:

Our very own Playboy Morning Show began today by Rating a Trait: Disgusting Words edition. We had our girls come in and rate the top 6 most aversion-inducing words, from worst to slightly less worst. Let’s see if we can use all of them in a sentence! The moist panties were chunky with squirting curd-like flaps. Poetry in motion.

08_25_2015_01 08_25_2015_02 08_25_2015_03 08_25_2015_07 08_25_2015_10 08_25_2015_12

We then brought in our guest for the hour, fellow Playboy Radio host Clayton Thomas. CT hosts “Clayton Thomas Against the World,” Wednesdays at 11am PT, which you can check out on Well, only if you like awesome conversation and guests and stuff like that. Up to you.

In a clever spin on the name of Clayton’s show, we had him face off against our girls in a trivia show-down with their clothes on the line. The models’ clothes, not Clayton’s. Just thought we should clear that up.

08_25_2015_13 08_25_2015_14 08_25_2015_24 08_25_2015_26

After a quick break we checked out some fake products from around the world in our Knockers Off game, proving once and for all that you can get away with pretty much anything as long as you’re just creative enough to change one thing about something else. Just call it post-modern!

To close out the show, we’re trying to cram all the rest of our summer fun into one segment, as summer is nearly over already. It’s a tragic thought, but it’s made less so when we see our girls running the summer gauntlet between sun tanning, doing shots on the beach, telling spooky s’mores stories around the campfire, and having one last slumber party pillow fight. Until next year, summer.

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Monday 8/24/15

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Buckle up! It’s the Playboy Morning Show.

The show began this fine morning by talking about┬ásafety, which we all know is very important and oft maligned because it’s also super boring. Something that definitely spices up everything is nudity, as demonstrated by our hot models. The real danger with a hot naked crossing guard is that people wouldn’t actually want to cross.

Next up was our first guest Garrett Brawith, star of the new Lifetime movie “The Unauthorized Full House Story.” Garrett plays Bob Saget in the popular film, and talked with us about how he got into character and some of the crazy stories they learned from┬áthe behind-the-scenes of one of America’s favorite sitcoms. We even had an excuse to show our own parody Full Blouse, which you know we couldn’t pass up.


We showed off our girls’ skills at impressions in our Who Am I? game, having them imitate some of their favorite characters and actors from TV shows. Nothing gets our motor running like a good impression, and that’s the truth.

08_24_2015_01 08_24_2015_02 08_24_2015_03

We took a short break and then welcomed in our next guest, Samm Levine. Samm is in a new indie movie called “Promoted,” that comes out tomorrow. We talked with Samm about his career as a stand-up (which he started doing at age 12), and that time he talked to Quentin Tarrantino about Regis Philbin for an hour and a half. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.


To close out the show, we played Playboy Promotion so that our girls could work on their corporate acumen and move up our own corporate ladder. Here at Playboy, the higher up you get, the less clothing you wear, which makes executive meetings really interesting.

08_24_2015_06 08_24_2015_07 08_24_2015_08

Thursday 8/20/15

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As the world turns, so should you turn… on. It’s the Playboy Morning Show.

We kicked things off today by asking our models to help us with a moral dilemma: when does revenge against a cheater cross the line? Since we don’t understand metaphor, we drew a literal line down half of our studio and had our models cross it if they thought the revenge went too far, or stay if they thought it didn’t go too far enough. I think the real lesson here is don’t cheat… or at least don’t leave a paper trail, jeez.

08_20_2015_01_1 08_20_2015_02

We then talked on the phone with Mr. Skin, who talked about Kristen Stewart’s Jack Kero-whack sesh in a movie from a few years ago, and one of the best nude scenes ever from “The Hunger,” which is on Blu-Ray now. We still just miss “Game of Thrones”…. Sigh.

Next, we parodied an internet video that features a woman going through several decades of fashion, and getting undressed and re-dressed in between. We thought we’d showcase our storied history of 62 years, so we had our model Evey work as our stand-in as we changed her hair styles (both of them), but leaving her naked. Some things change….

08_20_2015_06 08_20_2015_05 08_20_2015_04

After a quick break, we brought in our guests Chuy Bravo and Yenitza Munoz, the two hosts of the “Chuy and Yenitza Show” on Dash Radio every Tuesday on the Fuego Channel. They talked about their show, which includes interviews, skits, and even a live DJ. Maybe we should get one of those for the Mini Mansion.

08_20_2015_20 08_20_2015_21

To close out the show, we did a switch-eroo, where Chuy and Yenitza sat behind the desk and Dan and Andrea played Chicktionary. It’s like the Playboy Morning Show in the Twilight Zone… or maybe the thigh-light zone. I’ll show myself out.

08_20_2015_11 08_20_2015_12 08_20_2015_14 08_20_2015_15 08_20_2015_18

Wednesday 8/19/15

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It’s the Playboy Morning Show, the only place where getting your panties in a bunch is a good thing!


Our started our show by shutting it down, stand-up comedy style. Our girls showed off their skills when it comes to turning the tables on a rude heckler as they try to tell a story. These kittens have claws, so don’t mess with them, unless scratching is something that turns you on.

08_19_2015_09 09_19_2015_01 09_19_2015_02

Next up, we checked out the next installment in our #WedgieWednesday series, this time taking a stab at new horror film “Sinister.” It’ll really get your fear boner goin’.

After that, we took a close look at some fantastic products from Liberator, a company that makes “Bedroom Adventure Gear” that you and yours can use to really mix things up in the bedroom. We saw their giant Zeppelin, the Wedge, the Ramp, and the Scoop, and our girls demonstrated how to work out different muscle groups on each piece, and showed how to say goodbye to flat sex… literally! We’re working up a sweat ourselves.

We took a quick break and then played a rising favorite game here on the show: Bureaucrat or Busey. We hear an insane quote and then guess whether it came from acclaimed actor/well-known kook Gary Busey, or from the mouth of a pawn of the American political machine. It’s surprisingly difficult and surprisingly fun, and you can play along at home. How’d ya do?

Then, we brought in Angel Rivera, CEO of Vera Wear, a fashion/entertainment company, and self-proclaimed “social media guru.” While he was in the studio, our girls came in and pitched him some products and got his opinion on them. He mostly agreed with them, which is good enough for us! We expect our investment check to be in the mail soon. Woo! Let’s party!

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