Monday 8/3/15

It’s a Moaning Monday here at the Playboy Morning Show. Or should we say… Moaning show?

We started the show off today by checking out some terminal cases of bed-head, checking out if our girls could use their powers of sexiness to overcome the bad wigs they were wearing. It takes a certain caliber of hot to get over hairstyles like the mullet, the mohawk, and the attacked-by-a-lawnmower, but our girls got it in spades. It’s like, “Hey, my eyes are down here.”

Next up, we had our 2015 Miss August Dominique Jane in studio with us, and this Playmate is red-hot… literally! She put her fiery locks to good use in her pictorial, and we have to say, she looks even better in person on our giant red couch. While Dominique was in with us, we played a Playmate Pick Six, of course, which featured Lauryn Elaine decked out in sticky notes and perched atop a surfboard. Hang six, dude!

We took a break and then came back with our second guest of the hour, rapper Travis Mills. His new single is titled “Young & Stupid” and features T.I. He talked about his changing image, and how it feels to start your career playing songs from a merch tent and selling CD’s afterwards. Talk about startin’ from the bottom.

To close out the show, we played a quick game of Chicktionary, one of our favorites that features girls painting on each other to get Andrea and Dan to guess the word. This hip-hop-themed round was a tough-y, but it proves once again that with models this fine, even watching paint dry can be entertaining.

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