Tuesday 8/4/15

We’re deep in the dog days of summer, and the Playboy Morning Show is only adding to the heat!

We began our show this morning by talking about men’s clothes, and the people who want to bring back a formal dress code to whip lazily-dressed men into shape, fashion-wise. We had our models give the worst offenders a wake-up call by taking one item off of the rack of shame and explaining why it’s worse than all the rest. As a reward for dropping that item from your closet, our models dropped their bras as well. Tit for top, you know?

After that, we read some letters from viewers like you, in our Fe-mail segment, as read by the beautiful Cody. Keep ’em comin’, for your chance to hear your words come out of a beautiful model, and also maybe to get your question answered.

08_04_2015_03 08_04_2015_04 08_04_2015_05

Next up, we put Dan through a little experiment to see how hard it would be to continue to ignore our hot models as they did sexier and sexier things around him. This was all in honor the brave Subway employees who ignored a robber so hard that the burglar eventually just left. We’re not sure which is harder to not pay attention to: armed robbery or full-body nudity.

08_04_2015_06 08_04_2015_07 08_04_2015_08

After a quick break, we brought out our guest for the show: Adam Rifkin, director and writer of the film “Shooting the Warwicks” which you can check out on-demand today! The film follows a family who don’t know that they’re the subject of a reality show, and delves deep into the recesses of basic human indecency. Sounds like most reality shows, actually.

08_04_2015_09 08_04_2015_01

To close out the show, we played a special “Voyeur” edition of Name That Alleged Perv, where our alleged perpetrators all had crimes that featured them spying, peeping, and down-right creeping on others without their knowledge. Makes you kinda wanna get new drapes, right?

08_04_2015_11 08_04_2015_12 08_04_2015_13

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