Wednesday 8/5/15

Fret not, the Playboy Morning Show is always wet ‘n hot!

We started our show today with a Hot Girl Focus Group, featuring our models sitting on our couch and discussing what songs are ok to play during sex. If these ladies are representative of the hot girl population as a whole, then ditch the playlist, and make your own sweet music, because these girls just find it distracting. Which is funny, because we find our models distracting.

08_05_2015_01 08_05_2015_02

After checking out our latest “Wedgie Wednesday” opus, we played a new game called Bureaucrat or Busey, where we tried to guess whether an outrageous quote was from a politician or actor Gary Busey. It’s tough to decide sometimes, making us think that maybe Gary Busey should get into politics. Just sayin’.

Next up, we put on our Sex Mythbusters lab coats and nerd glasses to put to the test whether or not boobs can used as weapons. In China, a woman was arrested after attacking a police officer with her breasts, and we think that’s ridiculous! We had our girls first try to do some damage with their cups, and then demonstrated the niftiness of their titties. Our conclusion: Boobs are friends, not foes.


We took a short break and then welcomed in our guests for the show, producer Dean Hargrove, and two tap dancers Chloe Arnold and Kaleena Rallis from the new documentary “Tap World.” Tap dancing is something that people enjoy the world over, and we got a full taste of the art right here in our studio. Once the professionals showed us how it’s done, Dan and Andrea got up and put on their ghetto-as-hell tap shoes made out of regular shoes with quarters duct taped to the bottoms, and tried their best to follow along to the lesson. We’ll leave the tapping to the real tappers.

08_05_2015_14 08_05_2015_16 08_05_2015_17 08_05_2015_18 08_05_2015_19


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