Thursday 8/6/15

It’s the Playboy Morning Show, don’t sweat it, you’ll just get stickier.

Our show began this fine morn by welcoming our guest host for the day, Mr. Hal Sparks! Hal has been gracious enough to fill in while Dan is off jet-setting to comedy shows/starting his own cult (we’ve heard conflicting reports). In order to give Hal a proper welcome to the show, we had our girls read some Hal-mark Cards, and then take their tops off. Opening a bra is way better than opening a sappy card.

08_06_2015_01 08_06_2015_02 08_06_2015_03

After that, we talked about Lenny Kravitz’s recent “wardrobe malfunction” while on stage in Sweden (which here means “his dick busted out of his pants”). Hal had a similar story, and so we decided to have Hal face off against our head writer John in a game of Dick Pics. We saw some everyday objects that look suspiciously like wieners and they each tried to give the best caption. You can play this game at home! Just find things that look like dicks and challenge your family, your friends, and random strangers on the street! It’s guaranteed to liven up any evening.

Next up, Hal showed off his black belt in many martial arts styles, in our Naughty Karate segment. Our girls donned their headbands and punched, kicked, and grabbed their way through a set of simple moves. It’s not your average kick-line, but they still looked good doin’ it.

We took a quick break and then brought in Heather Storm, an old friend of the show, who was promoting the new season of “Garage Squad” on the Velocity channel, which begins on August 11th at 10/9C. Heather has been our resident mixologist on the show for years, and we enjoyed this chance to catch up and congratulate her on this new show. Some might say she’s taking the world… by STORM. Oh man, I crack myself up.

08_06_2015_04 08_06_2015_05 08_06_2015_06

To close the show, we played the longest-running naked game show in radio and TV history, Know It or Show It! Our models did their best to remain in their clothes while fielding trivia questions about mixology, commercials, and classic cars. In the end, they danced right out of their lingerie. That takes real skill.


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