Monday 8/10/15

Well, hey there, folks! Come on by and sample some of our brand-new Playboy Morning Show, why don’tcha?

Today began with a crowd favorite game, known as Rate the Trait. This edition featured our hot models coming in and showing off their top 5 favorite erogenous zones by placing numbered stickers all over their bodies. It varies from girl to girl, so next time you find yourself getting lucky, just ask to see her stickers first.

Our first guest on today’s show was none other than Carmen Ortega, star of the reality show “Hollywood Cycle” on E!, which has its season finale tonight. Carmen’s been a busy girl, what with her own clothing line and jewelry line, not to mention starring on her TV show. She’s also single and looking to mingle, but don’t send her any more dick pics PLEASE.

08_11_2015_03 08_11_2015_07 08_11_2015_05 08_11_2015_04_1

As any paparazzi magnet knows, haters come with the territory. So we should Carmen how to Shake Them Haters Off, with a little help from our models. The girls came in with thumbs-down balls taped all over their bodies and they did their best to shake, rattle, and roll those haters right off. It’s harder than it looks, and we learned exactly how sticky scotch tape can be.

We took a quick break and then welcomed in our second guest for the hour, magician Crow Garrett. Crow will be at LA’s Magic Castle from August 31st through September 6th, so if you’re in the area (and can somehow get an invite), stop by and check him out in the Parlour of Prestidigitation. If you can say that word right the first time, that counts as magic.


To close out the show, we had our girls show off their own magical talents by doing some tricks that can only be described as “laughably transparent.” But hey, transparency is its own kind of magic, yeah? At least, it is when you’ve got a hot body to go with it.


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