Tuesday 8/11/15

Jump on in to The Playboy Morning Show, the water’s fine!

First things first, we hit up our girls to act as Thirst Responders, calling out guys for their Instagram comment shenanigans. The thirst is real, and it’s up to our models to show them the error of the ways. Emojis are always a good idea, gents.


Next up on the docket was a game we’re calling Model or Mars, where we see super zoomed in pictures and have to guess whether they’re from the landscape of the red planet or the landscape of a hot naked girl’s body. The red was usually a dead giveaway, except for that one girl with the really bad sunburn. Ouch.

After that, we brought out our models to showcase some interesting products we’ve invented based on the silly inventions that kick you out of the shower or bed if you’ve been in there too long. It seems like any dumb idea can make somebody rich, and it’s about time we got ours, you know? We showed off our Playboy model dresser (and undresser), the mobile shower, and the clap-down condom delivery system. As seen on PlayboyTV!


We took a quick break and then came back to welcome comedian Chris Franjola into the studio. Chris is a veteran of shows like “Chelsea Lately” and the “Sons of Anarchy” after-show, and even promised to fight one of the actors from that show, should he ever meet him again. You heard it here first! Check Chris out on tour and get his CD’s on iTunes while you can, you never know what could happen in the ring.

08_11_2015_06 08_11_2015_07

To close out the show, we tested Chris’s powers of understanding the female mind (having worked with many female comics on “Chelsea”), with a game called What Women Want. For every answer he matched up, our girls lost some clothing, making this mind-reading adventure have a little extra incentive.


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