Thursday 8/13/15

Well, it seems like time we brought you another Playboy Morning Show blog post. So here ya go:

HELLO! We started our show today with a very fabulous in-bed version of a focus group, fittingly called Bed-iquette. We learned straight from the mouths of our hot models exactly what to do and how to do it while you’re doing it. If it can keep our sexy ladies happy, it’s sure to work on just about anyone.

We then brought out the voice of Mr. Skin on our telephone line, so that he could help us with the all-important task of educating the world about the newest and nudist celebrity sightings on the screen both big and small. Our takeaway this week? We just wish we look half as good as Salma Hayek when we get to be her age. Hot damn.

Next up was our Good Naked/Bad Naked roundup, where we heard crazy stories involving nudity from all over this crazy planet we inhabit. Our girls even helped us re-create some “bad” naked about a guy who tried to steal a vibrator by hiding it in his pants, and then stripping down and hating on the president. Thanks, Obama.

We took a short break and then came back to check out our girls doing some Sexercises to stay limber and keep themselves in model shape… while also still gettin’ it on, of course. People forget that sex is basically just working out you can do in bed. Just don’t bring that stuff to the gym.

To close out the show, we played a round of trivia game Hefardy, in honor of Hugh Hefner’s son Cooper, who recently got engaged. Aww. Congrats to the whole Hefner family, and we hope our models’ topless trivia salute will count as your wedding present. Unless you’re registered at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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