Monday 8/17/15

Welcome to the first week of the rest of your life. Make it count by checking out the Playboy Morning Show.

We started our show this morning by getting political as balls, quite literally. Our girls played Blow Hards, where they each were assigned a ball with a politician’s name on it and blowing it across the room. The first ball to cross the line is who the Playboy Morning show believes will take the upcoming election. It’s just as accurate as any of CNN’s statistics.

Next up, we brought in former NFL linebacker Shawne “Lights Out” Merriman. Shawne has a new clothing brand out called, fittingly, Lights Out, and they have things for the active men and women of the world. He also talked about his friendship with Donald Trump, and about sparring with people in the gym who didn’t know he used to play professional football. Someone out there is either incredibly brave or incredibly dumb.


While Shawne was in with us, we played some Know It or Show It, where our girls took a crack at trivia questions based around Shawne’s career, and lost clothes when their answers missed the mark. It sure makes us pay better attention.

After a quick break we brought in our second guest of the hour, Jeannie Mai, host of the new GSN show “Steampunk’d,” which premieres this Wednesday at 10ET. Jeannie talked about her start in the world of fashion and designing, and enlightened us as to what exactly the steampunk lifestyle is all about. Just because it’s all about steam doesn’t mean it’s just hot air.


To close out the show, our girls made their way through our gauntlet of fashion challenges in our Run Way segment. They had to guide their “assistants” (blow up dolls) through hair, makeup, and wardrobe before walking runway and strutting their stuff. Even if they’re not ready, the show must go on, and sometimes that leads to malfunctions. But what’s a fashion show without a few malfunctions, right?


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