Tuesday 8/18/15

The Playboy Morning Show is keeping it hot, hot, hot this summer. Global warming is being put to good use.

We started the morning off with a helping hand from our models, teaching you #HowNotToDieAlone. Sometimes the truth hurts, and sometimes it’s hard to hear, but at least when it’s coming from our girls, you can guarantee it’ll be easy on the eyes.

08_18_2015_07 08_18_2015_08 08_18_2015_09 08_18_2015_10 08_18_2015_11

We then brought in Kate Quigley, host of PlayboyTV’s newest show, “Undercover,” which explores little-known sexual fetishes from all around the world. Fire play, pony play, ballooning, vampire sex, and more will all be seen and tried out by intrepid host Kate, and it all starts August 22nd at 10ET, so don’t miss it! Kate also was kind enough to wear one of her bikinis into the studio today, so you kind of owe her one.


While Kate was in studio, we played a quick game with her called Fetish Charades, where we drew fetishes out of a bowl and had our models act them out. If charades is your fetish, you loved this game.


We took a short break and then brought in our second guest, musician Mike Posner. Mike’s got a new EP out called “The Truth,” and he talked with us about his musical journey and what we can expect when his second full-length album comes out. We’re hoping it comes out soon, and that’s the truth.

To close out the show, we played a game based on one of Mike’s songs called Be As You Are, where our girls tried their best to lie about stories from their own lives. Let’s just say these ladies shouldn’t enter any poker tournaments.

08_18_2015_01 08_18_2015_05Gabbi & Mike Posner08_18_2015_02

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