Wednesday 8/19/15

It’s the Playboy Morning Show, the only place where getting your panties in a bunch is a good thing!


Our started our show by shutting it down, stand-up comedy style. Our girls showed off their skills when it comes to turning the tables on a rude heckler as they try to tell a story. These kittens have claws, so don’t mess with them, unless scratching is something that turns you on.

08_19_2015_09 09_19_2015_01 09_19_2015_02

Next up, we checked out the next installment in our #WedgieWednesday series, this time taking a stab at new horror film “Sinister.” It’ll really get your fear boner goin’.

After that, we took a close look at some fantastic products from Liberator, a company that makes “Bedroom Adventure Gear” that you and yours can use to really mix things up in the bedroom. We saw their giant Zeppelin, the Wedge, the Ramp, and the Scoop, and our girls demonstrated how to work out different muscle groups on each piece, and showed how to say goodbye to flat sex… literally! We’re working up a sweat ourselves.

We took a quick break and then played a rising favorite game here on the show: Bureaucrat or Busey. We hear an insane quote and then guess whether it came from acclaimed actor/well-known kook Gary Busey, or from the mouth of a pawn of the American political machine. It’s surprisingly difficult and surprisingly fun, and you can play along at home. How’d ya do?

Then, we brought in Angel Rivera, CEO of Vera Wear, a fashion/entertainment company, and self-proclaimed “social media guru.” While he was in the studio, our girls came in and pitched him some products and got his opinion on them. He mostly agreed with them, which is good enough for us! We expect our investment check to be in the mail soon. Woo! Let’s party!

08_19_2015_10 08_19_2015_11 08_19_2015_12 08_19_2015_13 09_19_2015_06 09_19_2015_07 09_19_2015_08

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