Thursday 8/20/15

As the world turns, so should you turn… on. It’s the Playboy Morning Show.

We kicked things off today by asking our models to help us with a moral dilemma: when does revenge against a cheater cross the line? Since we don’t understand metaphor, we drew a literal line down half of our studio and had our models cross it if they thought the revenge went too far, or stay if they thought it didn’t go too far enough. I think the real lesson here is don’t cheat… or at least don’t leave a paper trail, jeez.

08_20_2015_01_1 08_20_2015_02

We then talked on the phone with Mr. Skin, who talked about Kristen Stewart’s Jack Kero-whack sesh in a movie from a few years ago, and one of the best nude scenes ever from “The Hunger,” which is on Blu-Ray now. We still just miss “Game of Thrones”…. Sigh.

Next, we parodied an internet video that features a woman going through several decades of fashion, and getting undressed and re-dressed in between. We thought we’d showcase our storied history of 62 years, so we had our model Evey work as our stand-in as we changed her hair styles (both of them), but leaving her naked. Some things change….

08_20_2015_06 08_20_2015_05 08_20_2015_04

After a quick break, we brought in our guests Chuy Bravo and Yenitza Munoz, the two hosts of the “Chuy and Yenitza Show” on Dash Radio every Tuesday on the Fuego Channel. They talked about their show, which includes interviews, skits, and even a live DJ. Maybe we should get one of those for the Mini Mansion.

08_20_2015_20 08_20_2015_21

To close out the show, we did a switch-eroo, where Chuy and Yenitza sat behind the desk and Dan and Andrea played Chicktionary. It’s like the Playboy Morning Show in the Twilight Zone… or maybe the thigh-light zone. I’ll show myself out.

08_20_2015_11 08_20_2015_12 08_20_2015_14 08_20_2015_15 08_20_2015_18

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