Monday 8/24/15

Buckle up! It’s the Playboy Morning Show.

The show began this fine morning by talking about safety, which we all know is very important and oft maligned because it’s also super boring. Something that definitely spices up everything is nudity, as demonstrated by our hot models. The real danger with a hot naked crossing guard is that people wouldn’t actually want to cross.

Next up was our first guest Garrett Brawith, star of the new Lifetime movie “The Unauthorized Full House Story.” Garrett plays Bob Saget in the popular film, and talked with us about how he got into character and some of the crazy stories they learned from the behind-the-scenes of one of America’s favorite sitcoms. We even had an excuse to show our own parody Full Blouse, which you know we couldn’t pass up.


We showed off our girls’ skills at impressions in our Who Am I? game, having them imitate some of their favorite characters and actors from TV shows. Nothing gets our motor running like a good impression, and that’s the truth.

08_24_2015_01 08_24_2015_02 08_24_2015_03

We took a short break and then welcomed in our next guest, Samm Levine. Samm is in a new indie movie called “Promoted,” that comes out tomorrow. We talked with Samm about his career as a stand-up (which he started doing at age 12), and that time he talked to Quentin Tarrantino about Regis Philbin for an hour and a half. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.


To close out the show, we played Playboy Promotion so that our girls could work on their corporate acumen and move up our own corporate ladder. Here at Playboy, the higher up you get, the less clothing you wear, which makes executive meetings really interesting.

08_24_2015_06 08_24_2015_07 08_24_2015_08

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