Tuesday 8/25/15

Hey, you like words?! ‘Cuz here comes a bunch of ’em:

Our very own Playboy Morning Show began today by Rating a Trait: Disgusting Words edition. We had our girls come in and rate the top 6 most aversion-inducing words, from worst to slightly less worst. Let’s see if we can use all of them in a sentence! The moist panties were chunky with squirting curd-like flaps. Poetry in motion.

08_25_2015_01 08_25_2015_02 08_25_2015_03 08_25_2015_07 08_25_2015_10 08_25_2015_12

We then brought in our guest for the hour, fellow Playboy Radio host Clayton Thomas. CT hosts “Clayton Thomas Against the World,” Wednesdays at 11am PT, which you can check out on PlayboyRadio.com. Well, only if you like awesome conversation and guests and stuff like that. Up to you.

In a clever spin on the name of Clayton’s show, we had him face off against our girls in a trivia show-down with their clothes on the line. The models’ clothes, not Clayton’s. Just thought we should clear that up.

08_25_2015_13 08_25_2015_14 08_25_2015_24 08_25_2015_26

After a quick break we checked out some fake products from around the world in our Knockers Off game, proving once and for all that you can get away with pretty much anything as long as you’re just creative enough to change one thing about something else. Just call it post-modern!

To close out the show, we’re trying to cram all the rest of our summer fun into one segment, as summer is nearly over already. It’s a tragic thought, but it’s made less so when we see our girls running the summer gauntlet between sun tanning, doing shots on the beach, telling spooky s’mores stories around the campfire, and having one last slumber party pillow fight. Until next year, summer.

08_25_2015_16 08_25_2015_17 08_25_2015_18 08_25_2015_19 08_25_2015_20 08_25_2015_21 08_25_2015_22 08_25_2015_23

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