Thursday 8/27/15

Sometimes less is more… like with clothing!

Our own Playboy Morning Show started its engine today with a tank full of fantasy football. We’re sure many of you are fired up about your team and are roster-bating as we speak, so we had our own Playboy Fantasy Picks, featuring our beautiful models. Dan and Andrea split our foursome into two teams and had them compete in football-related activities like the pantie field goal, cleavage catch, and naked touchdown dance. You know, regular football stuff.

08_27_2015_06 08_27_2015_07

After that, we had Mr. Skin drop us a line to talk about celebrity nudity, and we got sidetracked in a lengthy discussion about the movie “Showgirls.” These things happen.

Next up, we featured some products from Ask the Doc, specifically their GoodHead Fundamentals Kit. Our models came in to talk about the art of the blowjob and the trials and tribulations therein. Get it for your significant other and see if they get the hint.

08_27_2015_08 08_27_2015_09 08_27_2015_10 08_27_2015_11 08_27_2015_12

We took a break for two minutes and came back to welcome in rapper Ace Hood, whose new single “I Know How It Feel” (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) is out now on iTunes. We talked to Ace about the new sound on his latest track and about how shifting loyalties and goals can make you leave a record label. We know that feel.

08_27_2015_04 08_27_2015_22 08_27_2015_25

In honor of Ace’s new song, we played a game where our girls had to describe some random props while blindfolded. In the Mini Mansion, sometimes your dirty mind gets the better of you, as we saw them talk about innocuous things in a sensual way. The good thing about blindfolds is that they can’t see, but we sure can.

08_27_2015_14 08_27_2015_15 08_27_2015_16 08_27_2015_17 08_27_2015_18 08_27_2015_19 08_27_2015_20 08_27_2015_21

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