Monday 8/31/15

Monday is fun day here in the Mini Mansion… same as every day.

We started off the show today with an extra special delivery, by way of the United Playboy Service. It’ll be tough to compete with Amazon, especially with our models/shipping coordinators giving you something other than what you ordered. We’re still working out the logistics.

08_31_2015_02 08_31_2015_07 08_31_2015_08 08_31_2015_09 08_31_2015_11 08_31_2015_12 08_31_2015_18

Then it was time to check our Fe-Mail, reading letters, e-mails, and postcards sent to us by people like you! It’s your time to shine and be a big part of the show, so make sure you run your questions and comments through a spell check next time.

After that, we got Hot or Cold, as our models moved along a giant thermometer, based on whether they thought a certain scenario was a turn-on or a turn-off. It’s the only time running a fever is the goal.

08_31_2015_05 08_31_2015_06

We took a short break and then came back to welcome in our guest Jenelle Evans, star of MTV’s “Teen Mom,” which airs Thursdays at 10/9C. We talked to Jenelle about her new workout routine, what to expect on the new season of the show, and her current dating situation. To see if our girls could put up with the life of a reality star, we put them through a bevy of tests, including punching their way through the paparazzi, shuttin’ down the haters, and posing for the cover of your book. These ladies put the “real” in reality show.

08_31_2015_04 08_31_2015_16

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