Wednesday 9/2/15

The Playboy Morning Show: not a myth, but still a legend.

The show got going today with a little help from vernacular of days gone by. Our girls helped us decipher some Ye Olde Swear Words, and separate the real jargon from the fake talk. If only these words still existed… now they’ve just been replaced by emojis.

09_02_2015_02 09_02_2015_04

After that, we ran through a Man Skill that every guy out there should possess: the fine art of dance. If the thought of getting jiggy on the floor makes you nervous, don’t fret! Our girls are here to show you the moves. They’ll help give you the confidence you need to make all those old wallflowers jealous.

09_02_2015_09 09_02_2015_10 09_02_2015_05 09_02_2015_06 09_02_2015_07 09_02_2015_08

We then debuted our next #WedgieWednesday opus, featuring content lifted from the latest “Mad Max” movie. Witness it!

Next up, we checked out some Skinema, which featured our models talking about their favorite sex scenes in movies and TV. Then we watched them try their hand at directing a short sex scene of their own. They’ve got artistic vision.

After a short break, we brought in Amy Paffrath, host of “Dating Naked,” which airs Wednesday nights on Vh1. Amy talked to us about the show (and all the boners she saw), and about how, since she’s married, she’s not getting naked on the show anytime soon. Although “Married Naked” would make a pretty good show, too. Just sayin’.

09_02_2015_01 09_02_2015_03 09_02_2015_12

To close out the show, we played a new game called Chixelated, where our girls entered with their junk covered in pesky pixelation, and slowly lost it as Amy asked them dating-game-style questions. Don’t tell the FCC!


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