Monday 9/14/15

If you’re anything like Garfield, you hate Mondays. But you love lasagna. Either way, the Playboy Morning Show is back, baby!


We started the show off this morning by introducing our first guests for the hour, Southern rock band Blackberry Smoke. The guys came in and chatted about their new album “Holding All the Roses,” and some of their favorite spots in Europe to pick up chicks while on the road. No wonder tour buses love stopping in Paris.

09_14_2015_01 09_14_2015_09 09_14_2015_08

With the guys in studio, we brought in our girls to play some Playboy Feud, with categories about groupies and the best baby-making music. We knew Blackberry Smoke would do well, but we never expected them to sweep quite like they did. The models need to step up their game.

09_14_2015_06 09_14_2015_07

We took a quick break and then came back to do some Titty Picking! That’s right, it’s football season, the most magical time of the year. Andrea brought out her crystal balls and predicted the 49ers and Eagles to triumph tonight, so place your bets now.

Next up, we played a game called Drill the Messenger, where we matched up an occupation, a situation, and a pick-up line to see what our girls thought of men’s misguided attempts to woo them with one sentence. The results were surprisingly positive, despite the fact that pick-up lines are notorious for their low success rate. Results are inconclusive.

We then welcomed in Julian McCullough and Annie Lederman from the new E! show “We Have Issues,” where they debate topical pop culture happenings between the two of them and a special guest comedian each episode. They also announced that their first guest will be Tom Green, so be sure to check that out this Friday at 10:30PT.

09_14_2015_03 09_14_2015_04

To close out the show, we proved that We Have Issues, Too (and we’re not talking about the magazine). Our models came in and tried to guess what certain phobias really meant, and then acted them out. Good thing none of our girls have gymnophobia: fear of nudity.

09_14_2015_12 09_14_2015_13 09_14_2015_14 09_14_2015_15 09_14_2015_16 09_14_2015_17

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