Wednesday 9/16/15

Happy Mexican Independence Day, everyone! Viva Mexico! Viva el Playboy Morning Show!

We started our show this morning by tackling some political issues in our Master Debaters segment. Our girls came in and spouted off their own personal party line, which may or may not involve actual partying. All we know is that they definitely get our vote next year (and every year).

09_16_2015_01 09_16_2015_02 09_16_2015_03

After that, we checked out a brand new #WedgieWednesday video, this one featuring a shirtless Dan as a mermaid. Merman, excuse me. So if you’ve ever really wanted to see that, go check it out.

Next up, we welcomed in our first guest for the hour, actor Ethan Peck. Ethan and his sultry voice are starring in a new movie called “Eden,” which comes out in theaters September 18th. As the grandson of legendary actor Gregory Peck, it took all of our might not to quote “To Kill a Mockingbird” at him. We do have some manners.

09_16_2015_09 09_16_2015_19

Since Ethan’s film involves him and an entire soccer team being stranded on a desert island, we stranded our girls right here in the Mini Mansion and simulated some important survival skills like making fire, building shelter, and posing seductively for a calendar. All of these things are good to know, especially in a life or death situation.

09_16_2015_08 09_16_2015_14 09_16_2015_15 09_16_2015_16

Coming back from break, we brought in our second guest, Miss September Monica Sims! This sultry Playmate talked with us about her life, and her love of pirate-y looking men, so if you’ve got a eye patch, peg leg, and parrot, today’s your lucky day! Although she probably means more in the Johnny Depp style, rather than full-on Blackbeard.

09_16_2015_05 09_16_2015_06 09_16_2015_07 09_16_2015_12

To close out the show, we played a Playmate Pick Six with Monica, wherein she became the first Playmate ever to get all 6 questions right! Our girls came in and helped her celebrate as the show drew to a close. We’ll be back in 23 hours, so find something to do until then.

09_16_2015_17 09_16_2015_18

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