Monday 9/21/15

The Playboy Morning Show is like a fine wine: it only gets better with time, and also helps if you chug it.

Our old friend Mark Long is stepping in for Dan today, and he and Andrea chatted it up as if no time had passed at all. That’s true friendship.


We started this week of shows off with a little Fuck of the Draw, where our girls picked out scenarios out of suitcases and had to see if they would sleep with the person involved. We got all yeses, which only further proves the point that vacations are the ultimate aphrodisiac.

09_21_2015_01 09_21_2015_02

Next, we brought in the band Highly Suspect, to talk about their new music video for their song “Lydia,” and about their upcoming tour dates across the pond. The life of a rock star is a tough one, but only if you like sleep.

09_21_2015_04 09_21_2015_06

Our music friends know a thing or two about tattoos (they’re covered in them), so we decided to play a game of Lady and the Tramp Stamp, where they guessed which of our girls has ink on her lower back. After a strict line of questioning, our girls revealed themselves and only our new girl Tessa was the only one with a tramp stamp. We think tattoos are sexy, but we also think pretty much everything is sexy.


After a quick break, we brought our models back in to talk about sex with your ex in our Hot Girl Focus Group. Let’s be clear about this: it’s a bad idea… but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.


To close out the show, we played some Know It or Show It, with questions pertaining to our guest host for the day, Mark Long. Our girls tried their best to keep their clothing, but if there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s confusing people. Real life would be a lot more interesting if we lost clothes when we got confused.

09_21_2015_09 09_21_2015_10 09_21_2015_11 09_21_2015_12 09_21_2015_13

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