Tuesday 9/22/15

Welcome to the Playboy Morning Show, where too much is never enough!

We began things around here this morning by talking about some of Playboy’s Sexiest Cities, straight from the mouths of hot girls who have gone there and gotten it there. You never know, a trip to a new place could be the catalyst for some new romantic fireworks… just make sure you pack lots of clean undies.

Then, we brought in our first guest for the hour, voice actress/singer/actress/generally awesome person E.G. Daily! She caught us up on what’s going on in her busy (single!) life, mainly her headlining show at the Whisky A-Go-Go in Hollywood. And there’s also the small celebration for “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”‘s 30th birthday, can’t forget about that.

While such a talented voice was in our midst, we saw if our girls could give life to a character of their own creation in our Sock It to Me game. The girls made up their sock puppets and then put them on and gave them a voice. Talk about lucky socks.

We took a break, and then brought in our next guest, comedian Shane Mauss (pronounced “moss,” in case anyone was wondering). Shane talked about his new album, “My Big Break,” where he recounts the story of how he broke both of his feet and had to live in his parents’ basement for months. The real lesson here is never exercise.

To close out the show, we played a little Top Tweets vs. Top Teats, where our girls put their tits up against Shane’s wits in a battle for Twitter greatness. Leave the jokes to the comedian, and leave the selfies to the models.

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