Wednesday 9/23/15

Welcome to the Playboy Morning Show, Population: 69.

We started our show off today with a nice lesson in Bediquette, where our girls took to the sheets and laid down some ground rules. The talk steered itself toward nipple play, and lucky for us, we even got a nice little demonstration.

09_23_2015_05 09_23_2015_06

After that, we brought in our first guest for the hour, comedian Nick Swardson! Nick brought his fancy mustache down to our couch to talk about his new movie “Hell & Back”. It’s not often we get to see some animated films brought in to our show, so we relished the opportunity, especially with a cast this awesome. Go see it when it comes out, we’re sure Nick would appreciate it.


In honor of Nick’s new comedy special, entitled “Taste It!”, we played a game of the same name, where Andrea fed fruit to our blindfolded babes and they had to describe it and then guess what it was. You’d think banana would be a gimmie. You’d think that you’d never confuse something like that with a grape. You’d think wrong.

09_23_2015_07 09_23_2015_08 09_23_2015_09 09_23_2015_10

After a quick break, we welcomed in our next guest, Curtis Young, rapper and son of Dr. Dre. Curtis has a new video out for his song “Jaded,” which you should check out on his YouTube channel. Curtis talked with us about growing up in Compton and how it felt to find out that his father was such a legend, both in his community and around the world. As Dan put it: it’s like finding out your dad is Batman.

09_23_2015_01 09_23_2015_17

To close out the show, we had our girls come in to try and Shake the Haters Off. Since the dawn of social media, there have been haters, and models and rappers know that they come with the territory. As the music played, our girls did their best to try and get those pesky dislikes to fall off. Can you say BLOCKED?

09_23_2015_12 09_23_2015_13 09_23_2015_14 09_23_2015_15 09_23_2015_16

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