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Thursday 9/24/15

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Netflix and Chill? How about Playboy Morning Show and screw!

Speaking of Netflix and chill (the go-to hookup move of our lazy culture), we thought it might be fun to test Dan’s knowledge of the slang terms of the day. Is he out of touch, or is timely vernacular getting harder to understand? Maybe that’s just a part of getting old. RADICAL!


After that, we rolled through the Mr. Skin minute and saw some of his pics for the week. It’s always a nice reminder that nearly every movie star has been nude at one point. Thanks, Mr. Skin.

Next up, we brought in comedian Kevin Shea to play Friend Zone with us. Kevin participated in some scenarios, and the models judged whether he could escape the dreaded black hole of the friendzone, or if he would be trapped there forever. Kevin proved why comedians are really quick on their feet: to get with ladies.

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After a short brake, we brought in our second guest for the hour, actor Dash Mihok. Dash also goes by Diz Mihok when he’s rapping, and you can get his new single “Love” free from his website. Dash chatted with us about his lifelong love of rap music, and what it’s like working on one of the best shows on TV, “Ray Donovan.” Acting is kinda like rapping, just with less dank beats.

09_24_2015_02 09_24_2015_10

To close out the show, we played Just a Dash, where our models showed off their rapping skills, their posing skills, and their Shakespearean acting abilities. In the end, Dash handed out some shirts to the girls and they danced us into Friday. Stay strong friends, and we’ll see you next week.