Monday 9/28/15

It’s a Monday, but don’t worry, the Playboy Morning Show has the goods to make it better.

Our week began with a quick look at how Dan and Andrea are doing with their NFL picks. Even though Dan is picking with his brain and Andrea with her boobies, they’re both not doing too hot to start the season. But there’s still plenty of football to be played! Tonight, both of our intrepid hosts have picked the Packers to win at home over the Chiefs.

After that, we played a special Rate the Trait: How Mad Am I? Edition. Our girls ranked seemingly innocuous phrases by how much rage is bubbling under the surface. The top pick was “Wow.” So, men, if you hear that word, you done screwed up.

Next, we talked via Skype with Klia Crisafulli, who is holding a giant auction of ventriloquist dummies in Seabrook, New Hampshire. Before you laugh, just know that some of the dolls are expected to sell for tens of thousands of dollars. So who’s the dummy now?

Up next, we heard some letters asking for advice from viewers like you, and then our models and Andrea gave them some sound, thoughtful advice… which was all shattered when Dan threw down some TOUGH LOVE at their whine-holes. Sometimes the love we need the most… is the toughest love of all.

We took a short break and then came back with our special guest, Kate Quigley, host of “Undercover,” right here on PlayboyTV Saturdays at 10 E/P. Kate helped us put some words to some rather funny-looking pictures in our Dick Pics game. Phallic shaped objects are everywhere, if you just know how to look.

To close out the show, our models came in and played our favorite fake Japanese game show game, Blew Balls! You know you’re doing it right when you’re out of breath.

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