Tuesday 9/29/15

Welcome to the Playboy Morning Show Blog! Leave a comment, maybe we’ll read it live on the air.

We started off by doing exactly that: reading some increasingly mean comments left on this here blog, on our YouTube channel, and over on Twitter. The only thing that makes this segment worthwhile is the fact that we can have our models get naked while the comments get more incendiary. So keep those babies comin’!

After that, we welcomed in comedian Jacob Sirof to play some Sex Sells with us, where we saw a raunchy billboard and then tried to make our own sexier, funnier version. This game is also great for long road trips, even grandma can get in on the fun!

Next up, we brought our girls in to play Know It or Blow It, where Jacob had to answer trivia correctly in order for the models to lose clothing. It’s a fun twist on everybody’s favorite naked game show, and it actually rewards knowledge of useless facts!

We took a quick break and then came back to play some lawyer-approved Name That Alleged Perv: Animal Style. No, that’s not pervs related to In ‘n Out, it’s our four-legged friends getting down and dirty. All we know is, if reincarnation is real, we wanna come back as a pig…. those half hour orgasms sound awesome.

To close out the show, we had ourselves a little autumnal fashion show, with our models looking extra pumpkin spicy in their leaf-y attire. We even gave a shoutout to LA fall, which is exactly the same as every other season.

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