Thursday 10/1/15

It’s the Playboy Morning Show, or as we like to call it, “the ol’ up and ‘attem”.

We started the show today with some Titty Picks for the football games coming up tonight and on Sunday, and Dan and Andrea need all the help they can get this weekend… Their percentages are as low as their inhibitions.

Next up, we checked out some hairstyles that need to be stricken from the historical records and never be brought back to life, like the mullet, the combover, and the soul patch. Even our models had trouble making these looks sexy. I mean, they did it, but they really broke a sweat.

After that, we chatted with Mr. Skin about the newest and nudest from the world of Hollywood. In the case of Helen Mirren, we still may not have seen the last of her… good for you, Hel-dog.

We then brought in our first guest for the hour, Masika Kalysha, star of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood,” and a singer who just released her newest track “Andale,” featuring Fetty Wap. She dished on what it’s like to be a woman who lets herself talk like so many men do, especially in rap songs, and what her goals are for her career. In other words, keep your eye on her, because she’s going places.

10_01_2015_02 10_01_2015_03

With Masika, we played a quick game of Good Naked/Bad Naked, and had Cody and Carlotta come in and give our “horrible naked” a facelift as they poured milk on themselves and danced us to our break.

We came back to welcome in our next guests, Michaela Watkins and Fred Melamed from Jason Reitman’s new Hulu show “Casual,” which premieres next week Wednesday, October 7th. We heard what it’s like to be part of a show on a “new media” network, and about how their show is like ours! No shame is the name of the game.


To close out the show today, we had our girls demonstrate their “FuckMe Voice” for our accomplished voiceover and improv actors. Our girls put on their smoky, sultry tones and gave us some aural pleasure. (That’s ear stuff).

10_01_2015_09 10_01_2015_10 10_01_2015_11 10_01_2015_12

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