Monday 10/5/15

Welcome to a fresh set of shows here on the Playboy Morning Show. No expiration date here!

We started things off with a little Lick ’em, Stick ’em, and Pick ’em recap, and it’s not looking good. Andrea’s boobs have not gotten off to their usual fast start. But don’t lose hope! Dan’s brain is picking almost just as poorly, so all you guys need to do is pick the opposite of what they say, and you’ll be fine!

After that, we checked out the very first of our Halloween Costume Countdown, with Gabrielle showing off a Tom Cruise-inspired outfit, a la “Risky Business.” Dressing sexily on Halloween is always risky business, but that’s half the fun.

Via Skype, we talked to Dave Lefkow, co-owner of J&D Foods, and well-known bacon fanatic. We talked to him about his new invention, the Naked Bacon Cooking Armor, which protects your junk from errant hot grease when you’re frying up bacon in the buff. And here we thought we would just have to live with getting scalded the rest of our lives.

We showed off some of our own crazy inventions to protect various aspects of our sexual lives, including a Smash Sash, Bone Phone, and Road Head Ed (who helps you stay in the carpool lane, while still being able to go down on the driver). Protection is always important.

After a quick break, we brought in singer/songwriter Mandy Rain to talk about her new EP “Riot,” which is out now. She also chatted about some true-to-life stories that come up in her songs, and about how she did NOT date Justin Bieber, despite what Dan says.

To close out the show, we played Hollywood to Hollywood, where our girls did their best to answer questions about the music biz and get follow Mandy’s path from Hollywood, Florida to Hollywood, California. It’s coast to coast fun.

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