Tuesday 10/6/15

Come one, come all… hopefully simultaneously. It’s the Playboy Morning Show.

We started our show today by inviting our intro girl Erika Jordan over to the couch to talk about her new film “All-American Bikini Car Wash,” which is out on DVD in the US today! But due to its being available on-demand and all over the world, in Erika’s words, you’d have to be living under a rock not to see it.


After that, we heard some fake stupid news stories and some real, stupid news stories in our Stupid Human News segment. We tried to separate unbelievable from inconceivable in a game that’s becoming increasingly difficult with time. The computer algorithm we use to write the fake stories must be learning human emotion again.

In honor of “MacGuyver” being brought back, we had our girls do a Fe-Make, where they had to fashion a weapon out of nothing but the random Morning Show props that we had strewn about the studio. It’s a test of ingenuity, originality, and nudity.

10_06_2015_11 10_06_2015_12

After a quick break, we roasted some fools in our How Not to Die Alone: Shoe Edition. Our girls gave some good advice about footwear and how much they judge a man based on his style. And they even had enough restraint to not yell “What are THOOOSE”.


To close out the show, we brought out friend of the show Eric Edelstein, who showed us a clip of him being a badass in a new movie called “Green Room.” Eric and Dan had a rematch of their bean bag toss showdown in our Blur-Tastic Girls game, trying their best to take away the censorship like only PlayboyTV can.

10_06_2015_13 10_06_2015_07 10_06_2015_08 10_06_2015_04 10_06_2015_05 10_06_2015_06 10_06_2015_02

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