Wednesday 10/7/15

Hey there, ho there! Welcome to another Playboy Morning Show!

To start things off, we got Hot or Cold with our sexy models, as they moved along our very scientific thermometer based on whether certain situations raised their temperature or left them tepid. Our girls are so hot, you’ll run a fever and love it.


Next up, we checked out the latest #WedgieWendnesday smash hit, which you can check out on our Instagram. Give us a sweet double-tap.

As Halloween is coming up, we’re dedicated to giving you more ideas for your costume idea so you don’t have to wait until the last minute (like last year). Today, Chelsie brought a cute Playboy-inspired bunny outfit that you can hop out of easily, given the situation.

We then had our girls act out some Orgy-gami on our fabulously low bed, as they tried to re-create some paper foldings, but in three dimensions. That extra dimension really fills things out.

10_07_2015_14 10_07_2015_15

After a quick break, we brought in Lita Ford, legendary rocker who’s performing at the world famous Whisky A-Go-Go to benefit breast cancer research. Lita talked to us about what it’s like being a trailblazer for female rockers across the globe, and about why it’s never a good idea to get someone’s name tattooed on your body. We know how that is.

10_07_2015_06 10_07_2015_10

To close out the show, we ran our girls through a rocker gauntlet, where they had to pick up an outfit from the floor while blindfolded, sign their autograph on some boobs, and pose for their album cover. You know, normal rocker stuff.


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