Thursday 10/8/15

It’s Thursday and we’ve got a great show for you today. Come read some words about it!

We began things today with a quick Halloween Costume Check-In, today having Noelle Monique model a very fancy flight attendant outfit. Make sure your wheels are up and your tray table is in its closed and locked position… FOR LIFT OFF!


Ahem. Next up, we had Mr. Skin on the phone to show us some famous ladies’ naked bodies. No word yet on those pictures of Justin Bieber on that balcony, but time will tell.

We then brought in Eddie Kaye Thomas, actor from the show “Scorpion,” which airs Mondays at 9/8C on CBS. You might recognize Eddie from “American Pie,” when he totally had sex with Stifler’s mom. For a big chunk of the population, that’s how the MILF fantasy was born. Well done, Eddie.

10_08_2015_08 10_08_2015_17

Speaking of MILFs, we had our girls come in as different types of moms in order to see if Eddie would either Smash or Dash. For the most part, he found the moms pretty smashable, except for the stay-at-home dad one. But that was to be expected.

10_08_2015_03 10_08_2015_09 10_08_2015_10 10_08_2015_12 10_08_2015_13

After a quick break, we had our precious Howe Twins teach us “Howe To” make guacamole. Guess how well that went.


We had Andrea try for redemption this weekend, as her boobs try to tell the weekend’s football future. It’s been a rough start to the season, but we will keep the faith. Don’t let us down, breasts. We believe in you.

To close out the show, we played another Playboy Fantasy Picks, with the Howe Twins squaring off against Noelle and Sherra. They tackled, the passed, they caught, and they danced their way to each others’ end zones. Football can be sexy.


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