Monday 10/12/15

Ugh, Monday. If it weren’t for the Playboy Morning Show, we might never have gotten out of bed.

10_12_2015_03 10_12_2015_04

We started things off for the week with a little football talk in Lick ’em, Stick ’em, and Pick ’em. Andrea and Dan both padded their numbers this week, with good showings over the weekend. Slowly but surely, they’re making up some ground in the percentages. Nothing sexier than predicting the future, you know?

Next up, we had Lauryn model an outfit for our Halloween Costume Countdown, and she opted to go with the tried and true sexy schoolgirl. If you’ve got a plaid skirt that’s too small and a pair of fake glasses, guess what, you got yourself a Halloween costume right there.

After that, we played a Booty Call version of Fuck of the Draw, with our girls picking from three categories, one of which was a voicemail that we then got to actually listen to. The lengths some guys will go to get a little late-night desperation action…


Before we went to break, we played a quick round of Bureaucrat or Busey, with Andrea and Dan doing their best to pin down a quote to either a politician or famed actor Gary Busey. Sometimes crazy transcends party lines.

We then welcomed in our guest for the hour, legendary body modification expert Chris Saint. Chris talked to us about some of the procedures he offers, right here in Hollywood of course, and showed off some bodywork of his own… as in, on his own body. If you ever want a corset built into your back, he’s your guy. It would cut down on getting ready for the ball, that’s for sure.

10_12_2015_05 10_12_2015_11

To close out the show, our girls played Stick It In, where they modeled some body piercings of their own, then tried to get a ring on a cock, and finally threw some balls at a wheel, trying to rack up points for different piercing levels. It was definitely hard to gauge a winner.

10_12_2015_07 10_12_2015_08 10_12_2015_09 10_12_2015_10 10_12_2015_01 10_12_2015_02 10_12_2015_13 10_12_2015_14

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