Tuesday 10/13/15

Feast your eyes on the ocular buffet that is the Playboy Morning Show, we’re always all-you-can-eat.

10_13_2015_01 10_13_2015_07

The show started today with a short Monday Night Titty Pick re-cap, which saw Andrea shrink the gap between her and Dan. There’s mojo left in those titties still.

We then brought out Rachel to show off her totally unlicensed generic superhero sidekick outfit which could only be misconstrued as property of a major comic book publisher by the craziest of delusionals (our lawyers made us say that). Either way, it makes for one more sexy costume in our Halloween Costume Countdown.

Via Skype, we chatted with Sabrina Lynn, lead-off girl for our college issue, straight from Texas Tech. Ya’ll gotta check out this new issue.

In honor of college hotties everywhere, our girls played Keep It Up, where they did their best to keep their grades from hitting rock bottom (see: keeping a balloon from touching the floor) while they did other tasks. It’s tough to balance college studies and an active social life, and even tougher when you’re in heels.

After a quick break we brought in our guest for the hour, Playmate Jessa Hinton, who is in to promote her new podcast “Anything Goes with Jessa Hinton.” Jessa talked about her first days at Playboy back in July of 2011, and about what listeners can expect from her show: a man’s perspective in a woman’s body. This podcast sounds sexy.

10_13_2015_06 10_13_2015_10

To close out the show, we played Anything Goes or Everything Goes, where Dan, Andrea, and Jessa all said things they’ve never done and if our girls have done them, they lose an article of clothing. As they say, one naughty turn deserves another.

10_13_2015_08 10_13_2015_09

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