Wednesday 10/14/15

It’s a wacky Wednesday here in the Mini Mansion, discuss exactly how wacky you thought it was in the comments.

We started off the show today by getting political. Our girls each picked one of the Democratic candidates from last night’s debate and did their best to push them over the line in our Blow Hards game. According to our calculations, Jim Webb will win the nomination, with Bernie Sanders as his VP. You heard it hear first! And probably last!

10_14_2015_12 10_14_2015_13

We checked out another Halloween Costume for our countdown to the 31st, today having Katie Taylor show off her Mermaid costume. And she made it by hand! You don’t have to SHELL out tons of cash just to look hot.

After that, we looked at the latest installment in our #WedgieWednesday series, wherein we watched some girls get “Psycho.” Just call them Norma Bates.

Our first guest for the hour was actor and author Domenick Dicce, whose new book “You’re a Vampire: That Sucks! A Survival Guide” is out now! It has everything you’ve ever wanted to know about being a vampire, but were afraid to ask because then people would think you were a “Twilight” fan. Give this book a once-over before you go out there, looking for fresh blood.

10_14_2015_02 10_14_2015_07

We had our girls come in and do a Choose Your Own Ass-venture: Vampire Style, and with the help of Domenick, they navigated through the life of a vampire with ease. Without a good guide, you might end up going batty.


We took a quick break and then welcomed in Bennet Silverman, director of the latest viral video sensation “Handjob Cabin.” A great satirical send-up of the horror genre, Bennet placed every man’s greatest fear at the center of this trailer: a terrible handy.

10_14_2015_01 10_14_2015_10

To close out the show, we played Scream Queens, where our girls came in and did their best to try and get a part in Handjob Cabin 2: Another Stroke. They screamed, did a cold reading, and demonstrated their ability to die on screen. Good thing it’s so close to Halloween, or else this would be mad creepy, son.

10_14_2015_04 10_14_2015_05 10_14_2015_06

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