Tuesday 10/20/15

Dude! What’s up? The Playboy Morning Show, that’s what.

Our show got momentum early, as we started off with a fresh Halloween Costume as part of our countdown to the 31st. Today, Gabrielle showed off a subtle “summer gal” look, that probably works better here in LA than somewhere where actual weather is a thing.

After that, we briefly checked out the results from Monday Night Football, and both Dan and Andrea played it right! There’s still hope for their gambling debts to even out!

After that, we had a special Tuesday edition of the Mr. Skin minute, with an even special-er surprise: Mr. Skin is here with us in the Mini Mansion for the first time ever!! This is big news people, especially if you like nude people. We chatted with Mr. Skin about the minute in the flesh, and got the details on a couple specials he’s taping for PlayboyTV that will air in December. Better keep it on in the background ’til then, just to be safe.


While Skin was in studio with us, we played a fun zoom-out game called Boobies, Bush, or Butt, which has an explanation right in the title. Our models put their heads together and tried to take on the king of recognizing nudity himself. It was a showdown for the ages.


After a quick break, we welcomed in Jen and Sylvia Soska, hosts of GSN’s newest horror-inspired game show “Hellevator,” which airs starting tomorrow (Oct. 21st) at 8/7C. If you don’t like gooping guts and frightful freakouts, then maybe don’t watch this. Also, hide under a rock until Halloween is over.

10_20_2015_01 10_20_2015_02 10_20_2015_03

To close out the show, our girls were given some instructions from a creepy doll, and then Jen and Sylvia decided which model’s story left the most to be desired. That model, unfortunately didn’t make it out of this game alive… Until the very end where they were all miraculously brought back to life. Our horror show always gives happy endings.

10_20_2015_08 10_20_2015_09

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